Homo Sapiens

The chunk of desire is like living, is my explanation.
Desire! It is very hard to express it in word or image.
Culture, literature, philosophy, art, religion are all different but always teach us that being plain and moderate can calm desire.
Loving ourselves before loving someone else can be a way to lessen desire.
What I depicted is that we should be careful about desire growing of its own accord, unnoticed.
Someone said: Be aware. You can go such a long way unburdened when you are cautious about desire.

The Adoration
This is a piece that celebrates being born as a human being and all things in the universe. As an Asian, I wanted to explain myself through the supernatural and all things in the universe, and express my gratitude through this piece.

People try to find realization for their own happiness and progress. One day I witness the sea, the landscape of this desire, at a mountain temple. After coming back from the mountain temple I felt great respect for the vast meaning of life, which is how this work could be created.

이것은 사람으로 태어남과 온우주 만물에 경의와 감사를 표하는 그림이다.
시간이 가며 더 절실함은 모든 것에 감사함이다. 이 작품은 동양인이 초자연과 삼라만상에게 나 자신을 설명하고 싶고, 감사의 맘을 전하고 싶음을 표현한 작품이다.

인간은 살아가면서 자신의 행복과 발전을 위하여 깨달음을 얻고 싶어한다.
어느날 한 산사에서 이 열망의 풍경을 목격했다.
이 큰 의미의 삶이 존경스러워 산사에 다녀온 후 던져진 그림이다.

욕망의 덩어리를 ‘살아간다’의 이치로 풀어본다.
욕망!말로 표현하기도,그림으로 표현하기도 난감하다.
문학·철학·예술·종교에서 각자 가는 길은 다를지라도 모두 검소와 절제는 욕망을 잠재우게 한다. 남을 사랑하기에 앞서 자신을 사랑하는 것도 욕망을 축소시키는 방법일 것이다. 자신도 모르게 자라고 있는 욕망을 늘 경계해야 됨을 그림으로 풀어본다.누군가가 말했다,“경계하라.욕망을 경계해야 먼 길을 가볍게 갈 수 있다” 라고.

About the author Soon-yeal Yang

Yang Soon-yeal received her BFA and MFA in Asian Painting from the Hyosung Women’s University, Daegu, South Korea, and went on to teach at the university’s Department of Painting as an adjunct professor. She has had ten solo exhibitions at leading Korean galleries. In recent years Yang Soon-yeal has been arranging her oeuvre, as well as reliving her experiences with a wide range of artistic media by lecturing about her work under the title ‘Beyond beyond’, which centres around her series Dream & Love and has been very well received. It is the fruit of a career spanning 45 years in which she broadened her art through her spirit of enquiry into philosophy and literature.

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