1959   Born in Seoreung-li, Dain-myeon, Eusung-gun, Gyeongsangbukdo, South Korea
1982   Undergraduate at Hyosung Women’s University (now known as the Catholic University of Daegu) Majoring in Asian Painting
1995   Graduated at same University (Majoring In Asian Painting)
1996–2006   Adjunct Professor, Department of Painting, The Catholic University of Daegu

Solo exhibitions
2014   POSCO Gally, Pohang, South Korea (Letter of Winter)
2012   Gallery at University of Missouri, USA (Dream & Love)
2011   Interbulgo Gallery, Daegu, South Korea (Leaning against in the world of imagination)
2011   Gallery Art-link, Seoul, South Korea (Awakening the Sea of Time)
2007   Hakgojae, Seoul, South Korea (Homo Sapiens)
2005   Hakgoaje, Seoul, South Korea (The heart of a flower)
2003   Independent Arts, Soho, USA (Unity and Peace),
2003   Maronie Gallery, Kyoto, Japan (Unity and Peace)
2003   Wonmi Gallery, Daegu (Unity and Peace)
2002   Muncheon Gallery, Andong, South Korea (Yang Soon-Yeal)
2002   Wonmi Gallery, Daegu, South Korea (Unity and Peace)
1996   Byeok-a Meseum, Daegu, South Korea (Yang Soon-Yeal)

Group exhibitions
2010   Invitation exhibition of 55 selected artists of modern art, Seoul Arts Center (hosted by Monthly Chosun)
2009, 2008, 2007   KIAF, Coex Seoul
1997   The 3rd Hankookilbo Invition Artist, Baeksang Gallery

Invited lecture at University of Missouri, theme: Beyond Beyond

Homo Sapiens (2007, Oneul)
Blooming on the Branch of Time (2009, Goldsun),
Awakening the Sea of Time (2011, Goldsun)
Yang Soon Yeal: Art is an adventure that never stays the same (2013, Goldsun)
Standing on the Forest of Time and Space (2014, Goldsun)