Dream & Love

The forest and the river of time always exist here.
‘Why do I have to go there?’, it was some kind of destiny.
‘SY Museum’. It was really hard to penetrate this forest that stretches to this painting. This painting looks like a real world but it is in a dream. The dream repeated itself time and again.
Through this painting I could be aware that I was making art.
The part that can easily be explained coexists with another part that seems like it can never be explained.

In the SY Museum, time, space, life and inanimate objects and people together, and their lives make flowers bloom. And past, present and future coexist here.
The wall of time, it is said, can be opened by intelligent minds.
And the women who have the same ideal to lead beautiful lives here together.
Happiness, peace and freedom dwell here together.
The painting depicts 15 figures and 2 robots, and they all look very radiant and dignified.
The dreams of those figures are depicted in the world in the background.

꿈과 사랑의 SY 미술관
여기에 내 미술의 숲과 시간의 강이 오랜동안 존재해 있다.여기에는 시간의 숲, 공간의 숲, 인간의 숲, 생명의 숲과 함께 내 그림의 숲도 함께 한다. 이 그림은 현실 같으면서 꿈속같다. 여기에서 ‘나는 미술을 하고 있다’ 라고 설명되어지는 것 같다.

SY 미술관, 여기에는 시간, 공간, 생물과 무생물, 사람이 서로 어우러져 꽃이 피어난다. 현재 과거 미래의 시간이 함께 존재되어 있다. 여기에는 아름다운 삶을 꿈꾸는 같은 이상향을 지닌 여인끼리 모여 있다. 행복과 평화와 자유가 깃들어져 있다.

About the author Soon-yeal Yang

Yang Soon-yeal received her BFA and MFA in Asian Painting from the Hyosung Women’s University, Daegu, South Korea, and went on to teach at the university’s Department of Painting as an adjunct professor. She has had ten solo exhibitions at leading Korean galleries. In recent years Yang Soon-yeal has been arranging her oeuvre, as well as reliving her experiences with a wide range of artistic media by lecturing about her work under the title ‘Beyond beyond’, which centres around her series Dream & Love and has been very well received. It is the fruit of a career spanning 45 years in which she broadened her art through her spirit of enquiry into philosophy and literature.

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